Friday, January 20, 2012

D&D Next, or How I Finally Learned to Twitter

So, it has been ten or so days since WotC announced that they were working on the next edition of D&D. My first reaction was "I told you so," as I had been telling my friends and family for a long time that it was coming. I first said it with the release of the Essentials books. The nail in my coffin of certainty was the rehiring of Monte Cook.

After this initial reaction, I wanted to know more. The idea that WotC wanted feedback from their customers seemed a little odd. I am still not sure I believe it, but some names I know and trust seem to, so I shall wait and see. I entered my email to be notified of the public playtest, (it seems that being married to an LG/LFR admin is never enough to get you on the F&F list) and joined the Dndnext forum. I was horrified to see how many members and posts it already had by the time I had gotten home from work at 2pm eastern.

It was so chaotic and overwhelming that I gave up and moved to Twitter to follow it. I didn't even know how to use Twitter back on 1/9. I only had an account to watch for when the next Leo LePorte podcast was going to be. There have been a lot of good ideas discussed on #dndnext, and it seems that WotC employees are participating. Maybe there really is hope for that player input.

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