Monday, September 10, 2012

My new adventures in Mini painting.

Many of you who are reading this are probably familiar with Reaper's recent Bones Kickstarter. For those who are not, here is the run down.
Reaper decided to come out with a new line of minis, called Bones. What makes the Bones line special? First they are soft plastic, more like WotC's DDM line than the hard plastic of Warhammer or Warmachine minis. This is great because it means they are more durable and much lighter that the traditional metal lines.
For me the best part is that they are NOT random and collectible! (WotC I am looking at you here!) If I need two dozen Goblins for the next mod I am running I will be able to buy two dozen Goblins, not two cases of minis and hope that most of the boxes have at least one Goblin in them.
Needless to say, I had to back this Kickstarter. Now like all Kickstarters, this one had reward levels. I pledged Vampire, which started out rewarding backers with a modest number of Bones minis. As the amount pledged increased, Reaper kept adding stretch goals, which increased how many Bones came with the Vampire level. Goal after goal was reached, untill some 17000 plus people had raised 3.4 million dollars to fund this project. WOW!
In the end the Vampire level backers will be receiving on the order of 260 minis as their reward. When I pledged I was determined to get them all painted. A daunting task, when the number was much smaller. How ever shall I get them all done?


More to follow in this series as I acquire the tools and set about learning to airbrush 28mm minis.

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