Thursday, May 24, 2012

DnDNext Wotc's Beyond Epic Fail

So, I got up this morning fully planning on waiting until after start of business in Seattle to start looking for an email from Wotc. I live on the east coast. Imagine my surprise when it was already there, waiting for me. A special "head start" email with a link to my playtest docs.
Or so it said. Instead it went to another sign up page, the only difference was this time there was a link to an NDA. The email said I was clicking a link to the docs. So I agree to the NDA, and am told to wait up to an hour for an email with the real link.
Fifteen minutes go by, no email. Then 30, 60, at 5 1/2 hours I get the email. Mind you I have been following supposedly alternate links posted by WotC for hours! The email leads to the same place as WotC's alternate links. A 400 error.
This is not to get an actual computer game like Diablo3. This is a handful of PDFs. If WotC can't distribute those with much less muss and fuss, what hope does the game have.
How hard to have emailed the actual PDFs after you signed the online NDA, rather than another link, to a broken server. Any ten year old could have done better.

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